Movember 2023

Colin here, and this year we are going to be playing with fire… in more ways than one.

Things will be a bit different this year in that we won’t be playing Dungeons & Dragons. We will be playing a different table-top role playing game system called Brighter Worlds, that will hopefully reflect the fun and whimsical style of game that I’m hoping to run. That said there may be touches of men’s health themes present in case that is an issue.

The cost to play is a donation to my Movember campaign. Any amount is fine. You can donate on the official event donation page.

Come hang out for a few hours and roll some dice for charity. This is a recurring event throughout the month. I will be hosting 3-4 of the one-shot sessions during Movember. Each session will be the same adventure, so you only need to join one. Most games will be Saturday evening Atlantic time, but there might be other times if the demand is there. Games will be around 3-4 hours long.

  • You will need a computer with a modern browser and audio capabilities.
  • Video will be optional.
  • Games are not recorded or streamed.
  • Players of any gender can join.
  • New/beginner players welcome.
  • Looking for roughly 3 players for each game.
  • I do use some AI generated artwork within the game for scenes and characters.


You’ve just received a letter requesting your services that reads as follows:

Greetings Adventurer,

I am the mayor of the town of Basinview and we are facing possible trouble. A nearby domant volcano has recently started rumbling and smoking and we are worried that it may signal greater trouble. We are currently attempting to hire someone to investigate, but the forest around the volcano is full of creatures and we need some adventurers to help protect them.

We are offering standard rates, plus expenses and an equal share of any loot obtained in the course of the job. We hope you can help us with this. Come find me when you arrive in Basinview.

~ Qildor

Since you are currently between jobs, you decide to check it out and begin preparing to journey to Basinview. You don’t know much about volcanos, but you know enough to know it will be hot!

Basinview and Cinder Heights

Basinview and Cinder Heights


No preparation is technically necessary as the first part of the session I will help everyone create or generate characters, as well as explain the basic rules. If you have played another TTRPG system before, you shouldn’t have too much trouble picking up Brighter Worlds.

If you do want to learn more ahead of time, you can read the rules online (we will be using the beta 0.1 rules).

If you want to create a character, you can use Brighter Worlds Online which is a tool I’ve created for managing Brighter Worlds characters. Let me know if you run into any issues.

I have created a couple of videos explaining how to create a character and how to use the character sheet in Brighter Worlds Online.

You can also read my code of ethics/conduct which applies to all the games I run.

Dates and Times

By default, the games happen Saturday evening in my timezone (GMT-3). However, in order to accommodate more people I will try to run some alternative times as well. Reach out and let me know.

The times below are a starting guide and should be displayed in your local browser’s time zone.

At the moment all spots are accounted for, but if you are still interested, I may be able to accommodate an extra game at some point. Let me know and we can sort it out.

Game 1

Game is full!

Game 2

Game is full!

Game 3

Game is full!

Game 4

Game is full!

If you ended up here and are interested, but don’t have a way to get in touch with me, I’m on Discord as colinbate.