It’s that time again!

Movember 2022

Colin here, and as in years past, I’m planning to run a series of charity D&D one-shot sessions to support men’s health.

This year the adventure is called Swamp of Despair. Despite the name, I try to run fun games with humour mixed in. That said there will be touches of men’s health themes present in case that is an issue.

The cost to play is a donation to my Movember campaign. Any amount is fine. You can donate on the official event page.

Come hang out for a few hours and roll some dice for charity. This is a recurring event throughout the month. I will be hosting 3-4 of the one-shot sessions during Movember. Each session will be the same adventure, so you only need to join one. Most games will be Saturday evening Atlantic time, but there might be a Sunday evening game if the demand is there. Games will be around 4 hours long.

We will be playing D&D 5e on Foundry VTT. Players of any gender can join. New/beginner players welcome. Looking for 4-5 players for each game.


This morning you woke up and felt like you needed to check the job board at your local tavern. When you arrive, you find only a single job posting. Reading it gives you a sense of well being.

Swamp of Despair is a fun adventure with combat, puzzles and a bit of social intrigue. Returning once again to the continent of Mondia in the world of Divora, adventurers find themselves answering the question of: what could go wrong answering a cryptic job posting?

Without much detail, who knows where you will end up? Well… probably a swamp, or maybe swamp adjacent. Hope you packed your waders.

Character Creation

We will be using level 6 characters. Any official race and class. If you want to do something else (homebrew or UA) discuss it with me ahead of time.

Point buy or standard array. You can have two magic items, one rare (eg. a +1 weapon) and one uncommon. Assume you have 200gp to use for standard equipment.

Create characters on DndBeyond, if you need access to additional content let me know and I’ll send you a link to join my Movember campaign.

If this is all new to you, don’t worry, I can help create a character or provide one.

Dates and Times

Most of the times below are flexible to start anywhere from an hour earlier than listed, or an hour later. They should be displaying in your local timezone.

If you are interested in joining a game, message me and tell me which one. We will be coordinating the game via Discord so if you are not already on my server, I can send you an invitation.

Game 1

This is the maiden voyage, so might be a bit rough, but it also has the chance to be the most spontaneous.

Game cancelled :(

Game 2

There seems to be some interest in doing this one on Sunday, so that is when I will have it.

Game is full!

Game 3

I’m hoping by this point I have learned the lessons from the previous game and this will be much smoother.

Game is full!

Game 4

This one will be during the week, during the day my time. It is American Thanksgiving this whole week/weekend, so this one is timed more for European timezones.

1 spot remains

If you ended up here and are interested, but don’t have a way to get in touch with me, I’m on Discord as colinbate#9292.